CoQ10 - 60 Capsules

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Royal Green CoQ10 provides the best absorbable and most active form of coenzyme Q10, called ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is the biologically active and body’s own form of Q10, so no oxidized ubiquinone. Royal Green provides ubiquinol together with vitamin C for a powerful effect. Free of fillers Royal Green CoQ10 is absolutely free of fillers (such as diglyceryl monooleate, rapeseed oil, and corn starch), emulsifiers (soy lecithin), humectants (glycerol), stabilizers (carrageenan) or colorants (such as caramel). Royal Green only uses the best absorbable CoQ10 ubiquinol together with vitamin C and that’s it! Pure and of the highest quality possible.

1 capsule per day.

Ideal in combination with: 
Multi Gold / Mini Caps Multi / Multi Man / Woman, Turmeric complex, Spirulina, Vitamin D3, and Fish oil / Algae oil.

Available in: 
60 capsules.


  • Pure ubiquinol.
  • Best absorbable CoQ10 that is available on the market.
  • Naturally gluten-free.


  • Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and protects cells from oxidative stress.
  • Due to new European claim regulations, we can not explain which health benefits are attributed to CoQ10.

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