Neck Gaiter Bandana Crazy Print

by Arumall
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This item makes a great gift for anyone. It keeps hair out of the face, Wick away sweat or protect yourself from the sun in hot days, in the early morning sun wear it as a mask to protect your skin! It can be used as a headband, cap, beanie, neck gaiter, wind or dust screen, balaclava, pirate-style cap, scarf or a helmet liner, a yoga session, fashion and much more. It is also perfect for various sports and outdoor activities: running, hiking, walking, cycling motorcycling, fishing, construction work, etc;

Product Features:

  • Moisture-wicking

  • Fast air permeability

  • Lightweight and elasticity

  • Antibacterial quick-drying

  • Dustproof and Windproof

  • Sunscreen and UV protection  

  • Multiple wearing methods

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